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When everybody wants shawarma nachos... Have you tried our micho nachos? #halal #halalto

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From which skewer will you eat? Reply with either Left, Middle or Right. #shawarma 

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When the mixed grills are cooked to perfection.#halal #mixed #grill #halalto #shawarma 

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Sunday is always a fun day. It only gets better with this shawarma salad. Come visit us today at 160 Uni Ave W as we are open for you.

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We will be OPEN tomorrow "Sunday" at Uni Plaza location (160 Uni Ave W) between 12-7 pm.

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⏰ From 11:00-2:00 pm today at 160 Uni: You can grab a shawarma plate for only $8.85 ✅✅. Reg. Price is $11.99 ❌❌

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Guess who got Veal and lamb shawarma today? Our store at 160 University Ave W (Uni plaza).

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Good news: we will be fully operational and open to public again tomorrow at our 220 King St N. location as all services are up and running.

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NEWS: Our small store on King St. N is closed as there was fire at one of the tenants units. We are trying to be back live soon. Feel free to visit us at 160 University Ave W (University Plaza)...

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Save $6 plus HST when you order 2 chicken shawarma wraps online at shawermaplus.com. Use promo code: 2ch

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