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We always thought of operating our own restaurant as we used to get lots of compliments from family, relatives & friends visiting us & having a meal at our home. It took us few gatherings till we realized that we need to start doing what we love the most. We love preparing food & creating a smile on the face of our guests who kept on encouraging us to take this step forward.

From there we started developing the idea of small restaurant called Shawerma Plus that brings new concept & highest quality of food to the Mediterranean kitchen in Canada, & we built our project based on high end standards creating a unique & distinguished experience with cozy environment to all our customers. Visit us and see for yourself !

We are committed to providing you with an exceptional & tasty experience every time you walk through our doors or while ordering food for home or office. Each dish on our menu is prepared using the freshest & highest quality ingredients.

At Shawerma Plus, you are surrounded by a unique environment combining influences of Syrian,Mediterranean & Canadian cultures. Our cuisines are unique & prepared with love & we always keep in our minds creating a stylish, comfortable, upbeat dining experience for our guests.

Raining outside and you really want shawarma without hustle. Order online at Shawermaplus.com & let us take care of the rest and deliver to your door.-------...

Raining outside and you really want... photo
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Did you know that you could grab a large chicken shawarma + Fries + Pop for ONLY $9.99?

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Good news: We are open today at 160 University Ave W location (Uni plaza). 

Good news: We are open today... photo